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Errors in AxCompileAll.html after AxBuild compile

When you do a full compile with AxBuild, a AxCompileAll.html log file is created with all the compile errors and warnings that you would normally see in the Compiler output window. Normally it looks something like this in a browser:
Compiler error log

If your log file looks like the one above, you can simply go to the 3 errors in the AOT, investigate and fix the problems. Unfortunately the compiler output sometimes looks like this:
Compiler error log errors

You could investigate all 100+ errors listed, but the frustrating thing is that these errors are often not real errors. For some reason AxBuild sometimes logs a list of ‘fake’ compile errors. Luckily it is easy and quick to solve the fake errors by recompiling the list in the AX client.

To recompile AxCompileAll.html do the following:

  1. Import AxCompileAll.html into the compiler window by clicking on the double arrow next to the Setup button:
  2. Compiller output import

  3. Click on Recompile all, also found under the double arrow next to the Setup button:
  4. Compiller output recompile

Since it is only compiling the classes with errors, this is much faster that recompiling the entire AOT. If all goes well, all ‘fake’ errors should be solved and the compiler output window should have no or few errors.

The AxCompileAll.html is usually found at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\Server\MicrosoftDynamicsAX\Log\ on the AOS.

UPDATE 26 December 2014:
I just learned an even more useful way to recompile your errors in AxCompileAll.html in a post by Kenny Saelen on Axilicious. The basics are:

  • Import AxCompileAll.html
  • In the compiler windows, select create project
  • Compile the project

In Kenny Saelen’s post, he has a tool that does these steps automatically.